Sprott Money

Sprott Money is a Toronto-based company that has offered competitively priced investment-grade precious metals since 2008. They hold a legacy as the most trusted name in the world of commerce and thought leadership in precious metals.

Selling metals is quite a non-traditional e-commerce experience – with high-cost products, multiple currencies, multiple prices for different quantities of purchase, price holds... leading to high rates of drop-off and confusion.

So with no brand book and only a new logo as a our north star, we rose to the challenge and created an intuitive, digestible, and simplified user experience.

Role: UI design, art direction (image comps and iconography creation)

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Signifiers on product cards

Informative labels makes it easier for the user to scan for what they need, with quick action buttons to make the shopping experience seamless.

Logo blue as an anchor

Beiges, whites, and keylines are used generously throughout the site to create a sense of sophistication and lightness. But we didn't want important information get lost on the page, so we use blue hues from the logo, when needed, to anchor the eye.

Responsive design with systematic spacing

Scalable components not only ensures a consistent user experience on any device, they are also robust enough for the client to build their own templated pages with CMS in the future.

Animating moments of delight

Functionally, micro-animations guide the user through key parts of the site – but it also makes for an aesthetically memorable brand within the category, playing as a big differentiator compared to other competitors.

From bespoke iconography -

to hero images.

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